Strategic Road Map  

In this time and place of our United Methodist Church, Minnesota Methodists come together to proclaim and create an inclusive church.   

We stand against the Traditional Plan and lament the great harm it brings to the witness of The United Methodist Church, as it is punitive and in opposition to our Wesleyan understanding of Christian grace and love.

We acknowledge the harm done and name the church’s sinful complicity in furthering oppression and discrimination through our words, our actions, and our structures against LGBTQIA+ persons, people of color, women, Native peoples, people with disabilities, and persons with other statuses that have left our siblings marginalized and hurt. We repent of our sins and know we must change.

We are called to move our Minnesota Annual Conference forward together into the next expression of Methodism. We are united by hearts of grace and a passion for inviting others into the abundant life of Jesus Christ. Though we do not yet know all of the logistics, it will be grounded in our Wesleyan heritage, rooted in scripture, and propelled by the vision of an inclusive church.

In this work of building an inclusive church, it is our wish to move forward as a Conference, with all partners welcome.  Many across the theological spectrum feel deep pain at the state of our beloved United Methodist Church.  We also acknowledge that it may not be possible for all of us to go together, and we commit to respectful and grace-filled dialogue within this movement and all around it.


Minnesota Methodist Goals

  1. We will bring together churches, lay people, and clergy in Minnesota to create a new expression of Methodism. 

  2. We will create a network to support and facilitate ministry with and alongside oppressed and marginalized peoples by preparing ourselves to live into a new reality of Methodism in response to a United Methodist Church that for many of us is unrecognizable.

  3. We seek to be reconciled to our siblings and our local communities. In this we commit to the hard work of repentance and behavior change.  We earnestly seek to rebuild our credibility with those we have harmed, explicitly and implicitly, as we seek to share and receive grace through Jesus Christ.



  1. Local Church

    • Ensuring the local church is empowered, equipped, and supported to welcome LGBTQIA+ people into the church and all of its ministries

    • Connect with churches, clergy and members across the theological spectrum for understanding, trust, and coalition building

  2. Annual Conference

    • Lead the visioning regarding our identity as an annual conference

  3. General Church

    • Rectify injustices and inequities committed by the institutional church to protect Annual Conferences that support local churches’ ministry alongside LGBTQIA+ people

    • Dialogue and collaborate with a broader movement for an inclusive church and possible alignment in our path forward to a new Methodism

Strategic Efforts

  1. Legislation, Statements & Covenants

    • Annual Conference, Board of Ordained Ministry, Council of Finance and Administration, Trustees, Open Statements Signed by Clergy, Laity and Congregations

  2. Communications

    • Public facing communications to newspapers, social media, events, blogs, etc. 

    • Internal communications to propel the movement forward

  3. Elections & Indicators

    • Electing and supporting a slate of pro-inclusion delegates to General Conference 2020 and the North Central Jurisdiction

    • Monitoring numbers, indicators, and statistics for clergy and congregational support

  4. Mobilization

    • Organizing and motivating people while focusing us on work and projects

  5. Care for Self & Others

    • Consciously taking time to refill our buckets, remind ourselves of our work and why it matters, our focus on disempowered people and bringing God’s love to all

6.     Connectionalism

  • Be in dialogue and conversation with those who identify with Methodism locally, in the Minnesota Conference, and globally


Next Steps

We invite you to join and participate in conversations to hear and respond to many voices; to explore the possibilities for the future. Every United Methodist Church person who shares our vision for a Methodist Church that authentically opens its hearts, minds, and doors in offering a home for all created in the image of God has a responsibility to do what they can from where they are.

We know and acknowledge we are stronger moving together.  To engage alongside us contact us so we can learn, communicate, and be in community together.

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